Meet Jake

A Canadian living in Bangkok for over ten years. After working in Canada for twelve years as an IT consultant for US and Canadian corporations, Jake decided to take a break, and vacation in Thailand. Loving the country and its culture, Jake decided to make it his home. Picking up the Thai language, and enjoying the nightlife, Jake immersed himself in the Thai ways and traditions. With friends visiting, and some inevitably falling in love with Thai girls, Jake found himself perfoming surveillance and investigations as favours. Jake knows the streets and hangouts of Thailand like a native, but with the unique perspective of a westerner. Whether it's the two timing bar girl, or the cheating spouse, Jake has seen it all, and he has first hand experience when it comes to the tricks of the trade.

Falling to the charm of a Thai girl is nothing new. Sometimes not all love stories have a happy ending. Don't be a victim. Put your mind at ease, and let Jake be your card. Find out before it's too late, and save your hard earned money & heartfelt emotions. Let Jake do the leg work for you, and reveal the truth.